How to Choose the Right River Rafting Camps in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

by On Nov 20, 2013

“Acute or soft, broad or narrow, every river is a world of its own, unmatched in pattern and personality. Each mile rafted on a river, takes you further into the heaven of unique recreation and exhilaration.”

Gushing through the mercurial river waves is an enthralling activity that lures every adventure bug. If you are a freak of water adventures, then there is no better place than Rishikesh, where you can pursue your passion. Rishikesh is an exotic place for the tourists who want to adore serenity and enjoy hardcore adventure activities as well. It proffers visitors some of the most scenic vistas as it is located right at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas. The beautiful panorama, along with the a range of water sport activities offered here, is certain to compel you to come here again and again in future. Moreover, there are numerous camps that offer rafting in this majestic destination. While choosing the camp, the visitors often get confused about the best one to trust upon. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right camp:


Are they offering a good deal?

You can always search and find great deals for rafting. At times, it is morebeneficial and a lot easier to go on rafting tours provided by the camps. The camps provide discounts that save the money. So, firstly, you should compare the deals offered by the different camps. Make sure, you are getting the best possible deal and it should provide you the amount of time you want to spend gushing through the rapids. Check whether any additional charges are likely to be imposed. It also makes sense to explore around a bit before taking a decision on which camp you are going to book with.

Are they experienced? Rafting is a challenging activity and the river guides you opt for should be licensed. The rest of the staff in the camp should also be experienced, as possessing knowledge of the river rapids is a must, to provide a safe expedition. The experienced river-guides know about the different grades of rapids (from gentle to dangerous) and help you find the appropriate rapid to match your ability. These camps have also devised ways to enjoy the water sports to the fullest and provide best possible recreation while river rafting in Rishikesh. As your health should be your first priority, make sure that the camps are hygienic!

Are the operators recognized by the Government?

There is a permit granted to run rafting camps in Rishikesh. Make sure that the camp you are opting for is recognized by Uttarakhand Tourism as well as the Forest Department. The camps approved by these government bodies are more reliable and accountable for everything that happens during the entire course of the expedition.

Is complete safety provided?

Safety should be preferred above everything and the same goes while rafting as well. There are many rapids, which can be very challenging. The camp should provide sufficient safety from all the risks that can occur during rafting. It should provide expert individuals to assist the novice rafters.

The best way is to get a recommendation from others

No matter how much you research, there always remains a risk of not choosing a good camp. You should take recommendation from the people who have already availed rafting packages. They are the best who can tell you about the better camps and the better deals.

The adventure of river rafting can be fun-filled if you choose a camp by following the above mentioned points. Selecting the camp after considering these tips can make your rafting adventure trip even more exhilarating and enjoyable!

Know More-

Important Things to Carry
Try to be as light as possible.
Torch (optional)
Common Medicines (Disprine,Crocin etc.)
Prescribed Medicines (Diabetes, Asthma and BP)
Mobile and Charger
Warm Clothes
Bermuda, T-shirt & Floaters
Best Season: September to June.

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