Important Things to Consider While River Rafting

by On Aug 06, 2015

River Rafting on River Ganges
Rafting can be termed as one of the most enthralling and unforgettable experiences that an adrenaline junkie can have in his life. However, it being a thrilling activity, it requires certain carefulness and attentiveness in order to avoid any mishap. There are few calculated risks incorporated in rafting similar as there are in other adventure sports like sky diving, skiing, rock climbing, etc. Thus, it is important to know the guidelines and some things to watch out while enjoying this exciting water sports. Let us go through some of the major things that you must watch out while whitewater rafting:

  • Stay protected from Hypothermia while enjoying whitewater rafting

White waters are produced because of melting of snow and thus, the water is severely cold. Although, you may be wearing the dry suit or a wet suit, you may still be affected by the cold. You must protect yourself from hypothermia. If you are a person who easily gets affected from the cold, you must choose summer season to enjoy whitewater rafting. The temperature in summers is warm and there is almost no risk of hypothermia. Read more about hypothermia here

  • You may get overexerted

Overexertion is the primary possibility that most of the people never seem concerned about. However, the fact is that most of the mishaps occur because of the guideline-ignorance by the people who are out of shape. The exertion can happen if your health is not good as you may not swim or get exerted while being in water. You must ensure your good health before going for a whitewater rafting trip. Read more here

  • Drowning is something you should be most careful about

It is an obvious point although; there is always a bit of risk of drowning in doing the water sports. Drowning can happen because of number of reasons. On the way, the raft can flip over and you can fell out of it if you are not properly listening to the guidelines provided by the guide. There is a life jacket given to you that renders floatation. Nonetheless, it is something you must keep in mind that the up-thrust provided by the life jacket is less than the force of water and you may get sucked under if you become over deceived. You must keep in mind that the guide accompanying you will try to rescue you and at final, it will be up to you and your knowledge of swimming. If you are not following guidelines and you are a bad swimmer, you may be drowned.

  • Beware of being stuck in river features

Other than all the major aspects like cold, rocks, etc., the most frightening aspect about swimming in the rapids is being stuck in various river features. There are holes, downed trees, boulders and various other features found in river that may make you be stuck in, no matter how good is your shape and health. When stuck in the feature of river, there is high risk of you getting out of breath.

  • Guard yourself from getting smashed by the rocks

Rafters should avoid any sort of mishaps happening on the way. Banging, smacking, brushing and smashing against rocks are the dangers you must be beware of while rafting. These mishaps may incur while being in raft as well. Raft may be hit by the rock and the rafters in it may get thrown away by the force. Moreover, you must keep in mind that you are matching the paddle movement with your friends in raft as flailing paddles may cause injury in hands or nose.

The above-mentioned points are not to fright you from river rafting. There are countless heaps of adrenaline junkies that carry out this thrilling adventure of rafting in several rafting empyreans like Rishikesh, Manali, Ladakh, etc. and come across no mishaps. It is all to make you beware of odds and ensure your congenial and delightful trip.

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