Safety Measures to Adhere While on Rafting in Rishikesh

by On Dec 18, 2013

The song of the river ends not at her banks, but in the hearts of those who have loved her.

Perhaps this quote is quite evident to why people simply fall for the river rafting expeditions. While the high rapids smash the rocks and make their way through a narrow and twisted passage, the adventurists skip a heartbeat. Furthermore, whenever it comes to river rafting, mentioning Rishikesh is a must, as it is the perfect destination to satiate the expectations of the thrill seekers.


Considering the fact that the demanding rapids in Rishikesh give a tough time to the rafters, it is essential to undertake certain precautionary measures. Whether you are a beginner or professional rafter, everyone must adhere to the essential safety measures, to have a barrel of fun in every moment of the audacious rafting tour.

Tips for having a safe river rafting experience in Rishikesh?

Mentioned below are some of the handy tips for enjoying the different grades of the sixteen rapids offered by the holy cum thrill-filled River Ganges, have a look:

Never ever face the rapids all alone

Rafting is a group activity, whether you are a newbie or a hot shot rafter, facing the rapids alone is very risky or challenging. An experienced guide along with at least 4 other rafters is a must for every group undertaking the challenge. Thus, even if you have the stomach to face the high rapids, it is recommended not to do any stunt in the water.

Physical exercises are a must

Rafting can only be done if you are physically and mentally sound; it demands a lot of physical strength and mental stability. Further, you must also be comfortable in doing certain upper body exercises, as they are very essential before you leave to face the challenging waves.

Knowledge about the rapids

As per the international level of difficulty, the rapids of the Ganges have been categorized into different grades, ranging from I to IV+. While grade I and II are quite easy, grade III and plus are known for daring the rafters with the ultimate challenges. Your river guide is the best person to brief you about the grades. Basically, once you know about the rapids, it will be easy to decide which grade suites you the best.

Dress in a comfortable outfit

Put on the clothes in layers, so that it becomes easy to add or remove a particular piece of clothing whenever required. Furthermore, dress up in the most comfortable clothes that are stitched using skin-friendly fabric, as personal ease is very essential during white water rafting in Rishikesh.

Don’t carry valuable items

Many tour operators have a guideline saying ‘Carry expensive articles at your own risk’. This makes it crystal-clear that all the valuable items must not be carried during the expedition like the car keys, smart gadgets, wallet, cell phone and so forth.

Remember to keep a first aid kit

Though your guide will certainly have a first aid kit, keeping a personal one is no harm. Especially, if you are already on a medication for some particular ailment, don’t forget to carry the required medicines along.

Evade taking intoxicated items

Items like drugs or alcohol must be strictly avoided during the rafting trip, as one might lose control on the body and thus, can end up in a troublesome situation.

Adhere to the rules laid down by the guide or tour operator

River rafting in Rishikesh is not a piece of cake for everyone and thus, listening to the experienced guides is very important. They have the relevant experience to plan the right rafting expedition for you depending on your physical potency and other specifications.

Again, keep in mind that it is a team adventure

Always stick to the group and try making friendly terms with everyone. The more effective and united the group; the more fun will flow your way.

At last, don’t forget to have a blast!

The white water rafting in Rishikesh is meant to have fun and thrilling vacation. Therefore, while packing all your essentials, don’t forget to pack the enthusiasm, as this journey will be an experience that you would love to cherish forever.

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