5 Things to Keep in Mind while going for Rafting

by On Apr 07, 2015

Rafting is probably one of the most exciting adventure activities to indulge in. One does not require expertise to try this thrilling watersport; however, taking a few measures can make the experience even more memorable. We all know that rafting is a thrilling sport and it entails a few elements of risk, therefore in order to avoid any hazards or harm it is important to keep a few things in mind while going for rafting. The below mentioned 5 basic tips will ensure that you have the best rafting experience ever!

Always Listen to Your Instructor
Your instructor is your lifeline, so it is wise to listen to him. He knows exactly what you should do and when to do it as well. Common things you will hear during your raft will be: forward, fast forward, lean left/right, sit in/out and my favourite command RELAX!

Life Jacket is Your Friend
Rafting is probably one of the best adventure activities that one can take up. Whether you are a novice or a veteran, the thrill of rafting never changes. Although going rafting for the first time can be nerve-wrecking,  rest assured that your life jacket will not let you down. A good quality life jacket can handle about 110- 150kgs of weight, which means even if you fall in the water, your life jacket will help you stay afloat.

Float Feet Forward
Although the chances of falling into the water are minimal (if you are rafting in low grade rapids), still for some reason if you fall, you should try to jump back into the raft; if not then float with your feet forward. The trick is to float right at the “top” of the water: this can help you avoid getting stuck between rocks or even injuring yourself.  Also, flow with the current and never attempt standing in the river.

Choose Right Clothes
Rishikesh Rafting
Since you will be spending long hours in the waters, it is likely that you will feel cold even if the weather is hot. The best thing to do is to buy clothes that can get dry easily.  Materials like polyester and capilene can “wick” away the moisture and keep your skin dry and warm.

Wear the Sunscreen
The long hours of staying in water and sun can leave you with major tanning. Yes, we understand adventure is above everything but you sure do not want to return home looking like a bronze statue! Besides, the sunburns that you get from rafting takes a long time to go, which is definitely not a good thing. So, it is a good idea to apply a good amount of waterproof sunscreen with maximum SPF on the exposed areas.

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