Top Camping Activities for Family Vacationers in Rishikesh

by On Apr 23, 2014

Looking for a holiday destination where you can spend a nice weekend with your family? Nothing can be better than Uttarakhand endowed with pristine natural beauty and beautiful hill stations like Ranikhet, Kausani, Lansdowne, Nainital and Almora. BUT, what about a place that offers a beautiful amalgamation of spirituality, beauty and adventure? RISHIKESH, the land of temples, sages and the holy GANGA, is a perfect destination to enjoy family holidays in India.

Tucked in the foothills of Garhwal Himalayan Range, Rishikesh has outstretched its limitations and significance from temples and saints to beach camps and adventure lovers. The shores of the Ganges are flanked with camp sites while the air is filled with the uproars of exciting visitors. Spend time with your dear ones while enjoying camping in Rishikesh and feel rejuvenated in the lap of nature and the GANGES. Check out these top camping activities in Rishikesh that make your family holidays delightful and leave you with an experience to share forever.

Get Close to Nature
The most interesting part of camping is that it brings you closer to MOTHER NATURE, a thing that becomes a talk of past days in concrete jungles. Feel the variation of sand’s mood beneath your feet, soak your spirit in the saffron colour, take a dip in the Ganga, enjoy bird watching, spot wild blooms or go for trekking. There are several ways being with nature in Rishikesh.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities
Add spice to your family camping holidays at Rishikesh with plentiful exciting outdoor activities. Taste the adventurous part of the Ganges and go for white water rafting for which this holy land is so popular. Rafting stretches from Brahmapuri – Rishikesh and Shivpuri – Rishikesh are meant for families. Along with paddling through the untamed flow of the river, tourists can enjoy a number of other activities too, such as cliff jumping, rock climbing, rappelling, body surfing, and yoga and meditation, along with camping.

Share Precious Moments
It is obvious that in the urban world where life is controlled by technical gazettes and machines and we spend most of our time in coping with everyday’s pressure, there is no time for sharing and laughing together. Camping in Rishikesh brings this “sharing and laughing” therapy back into your life. Sit around campfires and share your childhood memories with your kids; enjoy a game of volleyball on the camp site with your dear ones; stroll around the historical alleys of Rishikesh; or be a chef and enjoy cooking food with age-old methods. Have a blasting weekend full of fun and happiness.

Indulge in Rejuvenating Therapies
The association of Rishikesh with the age-old rejuvenating therapies of yoga and meditation is quite old and famous. There are many renowned yoga institutes in Rishikesh that conduct yoga classes and meditation courses. Experience this distinct ‘Art of Inner Harmony’ in the surroundings that have a touch of divinity. Choose any class or course as per your preference and give your tired body and mind a chance to interact with your inner-most self.

Enjoy Treasure Hunt Game

Add some thrill and excitement to your camping holidays in Rishikesh with treasure hunt game. It is a wonderful recreational activity that puts mental and physical strength of playing members to the test and is especially loved by children. Draw a treasure map, hide something in the premises of the camp site and play in groups and throw challenges at one another.

Go Trekking
If you consider trekking to be one of the strenuous adventure activities that is not meant for families then you are absolutely wrong. Trekking is adventurous but full of excitement and knowledge. And if you love to trail down off-beaten tracks and want to know about the local culture then trekking is the best activity to do and enjoy. Rishikesh is known as the gateway for Upper Garhwal regions and is the starting point for Kedarnath and Badrinath expeditions. Har Ki Dun and Valley of Flowers are two most popular treks that are meant for people of all age groups.

Sing your Heart Out

It is well said….. “MUSIC is the reliever to all of life’s problems”. It is much more than being just a mean of entertainment.  Any trip or event will look dull without music. So, sing your heart out and fill your simple family holidays with everlasting memories. For more fun, take any musical instrument like guitar, violin and mouth harps along with you and add some lyrics to your songs at campfires.

Bird Watching
Being located in the foothills of Garhwal Himalaya, Rishikesh is an ideal place to enjoy birding. Bird watching is an eco-friendly activity that enriches your knowledge about these colourful creatures of the world. And in this holy town, there are over 350 bird species that can be spotted by nature lovers and bird watchers. Some of the popular ones are Kingfisher, Himalayan bulbul, Great Indian Hornbill and White-Browed Bush Robin.

Rishikesh Ganga Aarti
Last but not the least! Ganga aarti at Rishikesh is a very relaxed affair in comparison to massive halla bol campaign like scenario of Haridwar. With big lit-up lamps and the atmosphere filled with chants and hymns in praise of Goddess Ganga, aarti proceeding is really one of the most striking moments to catch in Rishikesh. Triveni Ghat and Parmarth Niketan Ashram are the two places where this everyday ritual is held.

With so many interesting activities at its disposal, it is right to call Rishikesh a complete family destination. Its strategic location close to cities like Delhi, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Meerut and Agra also increases its popularity as a perfect weekend getaway. Camping in Rishikesh gives a nice escape from the hectic schedules of urban lifestyle and brings us close to nature. With these above mentioned activities, family vacationers can now spice up their camping adventure in Rishikesh and make it one of their best holiday trips full of memories.