What makes Rafting in Rishikesh so Popular?

by On Jan 14, 2014

Images of hordes of saffron-cloth clad sadhus, people bearing tilaks on their foreheads and chanting mantras, some for salvation and some as part of their daily routine, and sights inscribe with the updesh (teachings) of Bhagvad Gita are very common scenes in Rishikesh that anyone at anytime of the day can capture in lens and memories. And in-between this spiritual diorama, there are many who are longing for some wondrous adventure treat, especially the rafting lovers who want to feel that adrenaline rush in the chill of water.
When it comes to popular adventure activities in Rishikesh, rafting is the most sought after and you need to be a mad lover of adventure for this thrilling water sports. The only thing that is required is the, GO-GETTING SPIRIT! Varying stretches, deep valleys, exhilarating rapids, splashing water and roaring sounds of the mighty Ganga River… make river rafting in Rishikesh pretty. But the moment you arrived here, the enormity of Ganga River and its chilly shores alone is enough to set your heartbeats pumping. And it is natural that some may even never dare to step inside the water. It is only the few maddening enthusiasts among the crowd who dare to paddle in the untamed river flow despite the cuts and harshness of the holy Ganga.

Different Stretches with Varied Fun
If you are thinking what makes rafting in Rishikesh so popular among people of all age groups then here are the reasons. Rishikesh river rafting expedition is categorized into 4 different levels. The rafting trek from Kaudiyala to Rishikesh is the longest (36 km) and is mainly meant for the trained rafters. This advanced level features six difficult rapids and will take around 6-7 hours for completion. The second one, which is of moderate level, starts from Marine Drive and will take around 4 to 5 hours to reach the holy place. This 25 km long rafting stretch is comprised of four rapids and is loved by enthusiasts who want to test their rafting skills in the spin chilling current of Ganga.

The third level (standard) covers a distance of 16 km from Shivpuri to Rishikesh and includes three rapids. The standard level of the rafting tour, which can be covered in 3-4 hours, caters to the thrill needs of those who neither are beginners nor are trained junkies. With these rafting courses, there is no need to think that river rafting in Rishikesh is not meant for beginners. The last and the most basic level of rafting begins from Brahmapuri, covering a distance of about 9 km and has two rapid huddles that will make you feel the thrill, and ends at the destination that is often dubbed as the ‘Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas’ after a 2-hour water ride.

An expedition down the mighty river Gangas filled with the uproars of rafters and sights of people enjoying their jump into the water on the approach of a rapid make Rishikesh rafting tour an experience to cherish forever.

Let the thrill go on….Cliff Jumping and Camping
The excitement and fun of Rishikesh tour doesn’t end with rafting only. There is much more to enjoy in this beautiful sacred destination of North India apart from its adrenaline push exercise. Nippy winds and the white sand carpet near the Ganga shores provide perfect beach camping sites for rafters. There are several camp sites that not only provide excellent staying facilities but give you a refreshing break to enjoy life in the lap of nature. Guests can also enjoy beach volleyball at their respective campsites in Rishikesh.

Another major attraction that goes on parallel to the rafting tour is cliff jumping/diving. Move just 4 to 5 km upstream from Rishikesh and you will find various protruding huge rocks that offer great sites for experiencing cliff diving in the Ganga. Indulge in this thrilling activity and experience the depth of the water along with its chilliness. There are many service providers that offer cliff diving and beach camping activities under Rishikesh rafting packages.

In addition, adventure seekers can also make their Rishikesh River rafting tour more exciting and mesmerizing with bungee jumping. It is another great activity loved by those who have guts to conquer fear but please don’t forget to take proper guidance under licensed trainers.