What More on Rishikesh Rafting Packages?

by On Jan 29, 2014

An overview
Often dubbed the ‘yoga capital of India’… but with the growth of adventure tourism in Uttarakhand, Rishikesh has been a traveller’s pet. The hill town tucked in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalaya has been a gossip among the global travellers who look for an adventurous break. Further, Rishikesh boasts of a divine ambiance. Dotted with temples and ashrams along the banks of the river Ganga, the town has been a popular pilgrimage in India pulling in devotees from distant parts of the country. Together with this spiritual uniformity, white water river rafting in Rishikesh on the untamed River Ganga has sprang up as one of the popular adventure activities in India. Thus picking out a specific one of the tour packages in Rishikesh from the basket is quite a hazardous task. An expert search and query and choosing a perfect domain of a basket helps you to select the right river rafting packages in Rishikesh that includes all within your billfold.

Activities included in rafting packages in Rishikesh
Rishikesh is a hub of several activities that bustles your days and weekend by framing daring moments. Rafting packages in Rishikesh bumps off people belonging to all age group. It not only deals with white water river rafting and camping in Rishikesh but also pore upon activities like hiking, rock climbing, rappelling, cycling, kayaking, bungee jumping, fox flying, yoga and meditation. Further, Rishikesh rafting packages delve into categories like corporate packages, family packages and adventure packages.

Why Alaknanda River Rafting Camp?
Alaknanda River Rafting Camp in Rishikesh, managed by hospitable staffs, boast of an elegant and exotic ambiance with well-appointed tents and dining space that serves quality food (both veg and non-veg) on the bank of the River Ganges offering rafting packages, which include corporate rafting and camping tour; fun and rafting with family; extreme adventure on the Ganges; rafting masti on the Ganges; thrill on the Ganges; and thrill, bike and raft in the Garhwal Himalaya. Within the camp one can also indulge in sport activities like beach volleyball and badminton and fun activities like bonfire and barbeque. White water river rafting packages are divided according to the taste of a group. Further, the camp also provides with experienced rafters/guides and necessary rafting equipments along with your adventure voyage on the Ganges. To add on to your exotic stay… the camp also organizes short treks and hikes like jungle trail, where you can indulge in serious bird watching; village tours, where you can acquaint the traditional colours of the Garhwalis; and trek to one of the most dangerous rapids on the Ganges, THE WALL.

Who you are and what you are looking for?
A group looking for a river rafting expedition in Rishikesh, from Kaudiyala to Laxman Jhula in Rishikesh, which is approximately 37 kilometers and cover rapids ranging from Grade II to V, Alaknanda River Rafting Camp packages deliver them to opt from the extreme adventure on the Ganges; rafting masti on the Ganges; and thrill on the Ganges. Further, a family seeking for an adventure activity in Rishikesh along with a rejuvenating holiday may go for the fun and raft with family package. It covers a stretch of 24 kms, from Marine Drive to NIM Beach and combats rapids ranging from Grade II to III+. Along with white water river rafting Alaknanda River Rafting Camp packages also offer activities like Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Beach Volley Ball, Badminton, Cricket and Kayaking. It also organizes short treks and thrilling activities like cycling, bungee jumping and fox flying. For the corporate, river rafting packages in Rishikesh include white water river rafting from Shivpuri to NIM Beach, which is approximately 16 kms long and cover rapids ranging from Grade II to III. If you are on a corporate holiday… along with the package you may further bustle onto team building activities that the camp organizes. That’s a unique way to start your weekend, when you are given bamboo sticks asked to construct a raft. That’s a warm up before you hit for white water river rafting.

Packages for students are taken special care. Alakananda River rafting Camp is equipped with a friendly and calm ambiance as well as provides well trained staffs to take care of the students in absence of their teacher. It also takes secured steps on rafting packages for students, which is from Brahmapuri to Rishikesh… AND thus offering students to take part in an thrill-seeking activity out from their yawning schooling hours.

Thus the rafting packages in Rishikesh offer you to enjoy the sprawling atmosphere in the mountains and along with it to feel the thrill… coursing down the river and combating several whirlpools AND indulging in several other activities.

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