What to expect from River Rafting in Rishikesh?

by On Jan 02, 2015

“The first river you paddle runs through the rest of your life. It bubbles up in pools and eddies to remind you who you are.”

– Lynn Noel, Voyages: Canada’s Heritage Rivers
Carrying out rafting in Rishikesh is one of the best ways to breathe new life into the senses and get the adrenaline going in the midst of nature’s bounty. Paddling through the turbulent water, surrounded by serene ambiance and breathtaking landscapes, is just about the perfect setting for an unforgettable adventure trip. Flowing through the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, the Ganges River offers varied grades of rapids for river rafting which are suited to both novice and expert rafters alike.


If you are embarking on a river rafting tour to Rishikesh, you must be thinking of a trip full of thrill and delight. Well, you are not mistaken to think like that! However, there are many other things that you must brace yourself for while on the adventure. Confused? There are certain unexpected but pleasant traits associated with river rafting in Rishikesh, which you will come across once you visit this exhilarating town in Uttarakhand. Here are some things you must expect while on the river rafting tour to Rishikesh:


Excitement that can’t be measured!

Excitement is something that you look forward to on a trip … It is the major reason why people plan a trip here as there is no limit to the excitement that unfolds before the traveler. The rafting expedition here never fails to satiate the adrenaline junkie inside the rafter. Rafting through the gushing rapids is something that offers great excitement. The rafting expedition will leave the rafter with many memorable moments, especially many heart-stopping moments. It is a sort of delight that can’t be experienced every day.

Varied Landscapes: An Incredible Piece of Art by Mother Nature

The picture-perfect backdrop of Rishikesh makes for a landscape that can provide you some of the most beautiful photographs of nature. Just bow to the spellbinding and verdant Himalayas in the background with the crystal-clear river flowing through it. There is no second opinion that the scene will remain treasured in your mind forever.

Getting soaked both in Jubilance and Water

I knew that it is one of top things you want to do here. However, some people think that all they have to do is ride the raft and complete the excursion. There are several rapids in Rishikesh that will leave you completely soaked in water. For this reason, you must prepare yourself to get wet. Wear clothes that you can change after the completion of the excursion. Sometimes, there is a chance of being thrown from the raft by the fast-flowing rapids. In such case, you may get completely wet and you will need to change the clothes just after reaching the camp.

Cold Water that can make you Shiver

The water of the Ganges usually remains cold throughout the year. Even during the months like April and March, the water remains considerably cold due to the snow that melts after the winters. The cool breeze blowing from the river makes the atmosphere rejuvenating. It is wise to carry a wetsuit if you are planning to undertake river rafting in the cooler month like February. To combat the nippy cold, you better bring warm clothes along as otherwise you may freeze here.

A Long Bus Ride while Returning

This is something that may seem tiring. After a long expedition in the river, you must be dying for a quick rest in the camp but unfortunately, you have to undertake a long bus ride to get back. In the mountains, there is limited road access and you can’t get back to the camp through the raft. You may crosscheck this thing with your tour operator. Make certain that they are providing shuttle back to the camp otherwise you will face a lot of tiring tasks to catch the bus that may ruin the whole fun of the expedition.

Rejuvenation of Senses through Body Surfing

This activity conjures is a great way to stimulate the body; follow the instructions of your guide and you are in for some gala time. For enjoying body surfing, you may choose to stay in a riverside camp. The best part is when the guide slows down the raft and enquires whether any of the tourists would want to take a plunge in the water. You have to hold the rope of the raft by your hands and can immerse your body in the revitalizing water. If you are a novice rafter, you can also enjoy body surfing when the guide slows down the raft in comparatively calm water.

Tips for the Rafting Session: Essential Do’s and Don’ts

This is highly helpful, especially for the novice rafters. When you reach the raft, your guide will tell you all the basics of river rafting. These basics will include the way to hold the raft, fix your legs, and bend your body and so on. They will also teach you the safety tips like how to remain safe even if you fall down in the river. Moreover, they will also tell you many basics things like how to move your raft in fast rapids, how to maintain tuning with your teammates while rafting, etc. These basics and tips will help you enjoy the rafting expedition in the best possible manner.


It is a fact that a rafting tour to Rishikesh evokes a sense of satisfaction among adventure enthusiasts because the excitement of rafting is heightened manifold by the unsurpassed natural beauty of the place. Keep in mind the above points and enjoy the thrill of rafting in the chill!


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