White Water River Rafting in Rishikesh for Corporate Travelers

by On Feb 17, 2014

Waking up at the morning alarm and cutting through road traffics, when you reach office you find that you are late by a minute, which is equal to your half day salary. Weekdays seem like utterly pester when your boss bangs on your head with deadlines. And it is only Monday before the weekdays finally end. What a life this technology has brought on us. The more we earn… we dig deep our own grave. Ultimately the clock dial TICKS Friday and it seems that you are about to win back your lively days. Few scrolls down their phonebook and head for a booze filled night and few head for the silver screen. What about Saturday and Sunday, buddy? Are you going for the usual wine and dine and then a lazy Sunday? Bunk your traditional lifestyle and make your weekend a la mode. Wake up the nomad lying dead inside you and see yourself as a corporate traveller. Who cares about the coming Monday? The white water river rafting in Rishikesh is the best way to flash out all your grudges against your boss by combating the tricky rapids on the course. The river rafting in Rishikesh for the corporate travelers is more of an escape from dustups and clamour to fun and adventure.

White Water River Rafting on the untamed Ganges
the Brahmaputra River Rafting
Rishikesh is famous for the most holy and feminine river of our country, the Ganges; the place is also famous for its White Water River Rafting. Being the natural water- sport hub of India apart from its age old status of a pilgrimage destination, it has caught the interest of river rafting for all kind of travellers and inviting sports personalities across the country. Adventure tourism in the Garhwal region over the ages along with the uprising of Uttarakhand Tourism, has outranked white water river rafting in Rishikesh separately. It stretches from Kaudiyala to Laxman Jhula and courses down the valley with several obstacles. It has boosted the adventure tourism and introduced the concept of corporate white water river rafting in Rishikesh and several weekend tour packages that provides all possible logistic support for Fun incentive trips, corporate gateways, entertainment and fun for corporate groups, outbound training programs and adventure conferencing.

The stretches and the rapids that raise your pulses

The main course of white water river rafting in Rishikesh commences from Kaudiyala to Laxman Jhula, which is split into four short stretches. The first stretch is from Kaudiyala to Marine Drive, which is approximately 9-10 kilometers and takes about 2-3 hours of deadly oars, combats rapids grading from III to IV+. Some of the popular rapids on this stretch are the Denial Deep and Great Wall. It is the ultimate course for experts.

Moving ahead we come across the next stretch… which is approximately 11 km and takes around 3-4 hours, which begins at Marine Drive and ends at Shivpuri. The rapids here range from grade II to III+ and are famed for Black Money, Crossfire and Three Blind Mice.

The third stretch is familiar and it ranges from Shivpuri to Brahmpuri and covers a distance of around 10-11 km, and takes around 2-3 hoursi. The prominent rapids of this stretch are Return to Sender, Roller coaster, Golf course and Club house.

Here we come to the last stretch and well notable as Brahmpuri to Rishikesh and the swift and easiest one. The grade of rapids ranges from I to II+ and the popular ones are the Double Trouble, Hilton and Terminator.

Innocuous stretches for corporate travellers

Well, the facile and most contented stretch is from Brahmpuri to Rishikesh for a complete corporate escapade. This one is the most plain sailing stretch and the shortest one where every non rafter’s can live it to the fullest naturally and leaving behind misadventure. The rest of the stretches demand skill of the rafters as to tackle the horrid whirlpools. Though the stretches from Shivpuri to Brahmpuri and from Marine Drive to Shivpuri also fits the oars of the corporate travellers. One planning for the stretch from Kaudiyala to Marine Drive… is not welcomed for its likelihood.

Additional Episode… what the corporate travellers can add to their white water river rafting holiday packages

While white water rafting in Rishikesh one can take a closer look at the hills while enjoying the roaring sound of the Ganges and its rapids. Travellers can be introduced to cliff diving and body surfs. Activities like short treks, jungle trails and hike to the nearby villages can be made use of. More to go… if you are camping in Rishikesh. Travellers cannot miss the beach beauty and volleyball fun. They can bring out their creativity, team work and spirit by crafting bamboo rafts and indulging inseveral indoor activities like bonfire and live barbeque.

Reliability concern of the Camp authorities

The beach camp and forest camp organizers keep track of all the corporate travellers. Security is the prior concern as this adventure is life taking along with the fun giving. While group of people rafting, the authorities make sure to guide every single individual how to tackle situation, grip the oar, and how to sit on the chamber. Life jackets and helmets are always available as there is a possibility one can fall from the raft because of the water current.

When is the best time to go for White Water River Rafting in Rishikesh?

The best time for river rafting in Rishikesh is in the months of Mid of February and May and October – November. During the winters if you want to go for it then along with the whirlpools… the chilled water of the Ganges is going to be an added obstacle. It is recommended to avoid river rafting in Rishikesh during the monsoon season.

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