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Rishikesh : Multitude of Adventure in God’s Abode Thrill is paramount in the valley of Rishikesh, and the place offers a host of adventure activities that go beyond white water rafting. Being strategically placed on the banks of the holy Ganges also gives the region an air of Godliness making Rishikesh a prime Hindu Pilgrimage. For adventure addicts, adrenaline is amply supplied here, with extreme adventure sports like Bungee Jumping or the kilometer long Flying Fox reaching free fall speeds of up to 160 km/hr. And for those who would like to do some soul searching, they must try the best in world Yoga and Meditation experience whilst basking and regaining their own self in one of the most beautiful Himalayan landscapes. Here’s our take on what interesting activities to try in Rishikesh.

Road to Spirituality, Serenity and Adventure!


River Ganges which is the life line of the region is also the holiest of all river deities and is addressed by the natives as their mother. For believers of the ancient Hindu texts, all sins and bad karma of current life can be washed away in her pious waters, but even the non believers are known to take home some good karma from here. Besides this holy river Rishikesh is bestowed with various marvels of Mother Nature. Further, this bounty of nature is complemented by action packed activities, promising never ending pleasure!

Hiking – Every Height is under a reach!


Being located in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, the city is a one stop station for mountaineers and rock climbers. The feeling to conquer the summit swells in the air! Triumph races the heart beat wanting more and more.

Trained instructors will loyally be by your side to ensure a safe adventure expedition.

Pilgrimage – Rishikesh a `town of Sages and temples’


Every year hordes of pilgrims visit this town, cutting across cultural barriers. A religious journey can be aptly described as an alternative path to rediscovering oneself and exploring the town from a different angle! Be it a holy dip in the blessed Ganges or a visit to the Triveni Ghat, Temple of Bharat and Swarg ashram, the sanctity of soul is rightly preserved. The city also serves as an access point for travelling to the four main Holy destinations, popularly known as the `Char Dhams’- Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri.

Yoga – Free your Mind and Body


Rishikesh also christened as the `World capital of Yoga’, is a home to numerous ashrams and meditation centers. The preaching of Moksha resonates in the entire place revealing the route to a wonderful life. Sri Ved Niketan, Sivananda, Yoga Niketan, Swami Dayananda, Rishikesh Yog peeth, are some popular yoga ashrams in the city.

Indeed a wellness break at Rishikesh will serve as a unique blend of insight and sheer bliss!

Camping – Absorb the green serene beauty


The luxury of time is an invaluable possession and best enjoyed close to nature. A dash of leisure time is a welcome respite for all. Imagine a picture perfect location along with good hospitality, only sums up as an ideal camping vacation!

Rafting – Dream of every adventure freak


The Grand Ganges in Rishikesh, blessed with rapids of different grades provides opportunities one to many, for the enthusiast to test his adventure quotient amid the wild waters!

The city bears the title of `The Best Rafting Destination’ and this notion is only strengthened by the presence of first timers and professionals from across the planet raring to raft and ride the waves along the fine stretches.

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